Care and maintenance

Klima® products meet all statutory warranty requirements and are fully tested to ensure compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. Regular maintenance is needed to keep your warranty valid.

If you want your joinery to be looking at its very best for years to come, these simple steps will help. 

For windows and doors

  • Clean and remove builder’s debris and dust
  • inside of sills
  • Clean every three months – more often in coastal or industrial environments, ideally once a month
  • Clean with a soft brush, warm water and mild household detergent. For stubborn stains,
  • use a soft cloth with Jif cream cleanser
  • Abrasive steel wool, scrapers, scouring liquids, solvents and thinners will damage the finish
  • Remove build-up in door tracks
  • Exposure to excessive heat, heaters or hot air guns may damage the surface finish.

For hardware

  • Clean powdercoated hardware with a wet sponge or soft brush, warm water and mild detergent and rinse with fresh water.

For glass

  • Only use detergents and cleaning solutions recommended for glass
  • Soak glass first to loosen dirt, then use a mild,
  • non-abrasive solution
  • Rinse with water, as cleaning residue can permanently mark glass.
Klima® window maintenance


 Our Klima® windows and doors meet or exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) and New Zealand Standards; NZS4211, Performance of Windows*, and NZS4223, Glazing in Buildings*.

This means our windows and doors have been designed and successfully tested to perform in New Zealand’s most diverse conditions, and will:

  • Satisfy the strength and deflection requirements of the standards
  • Deliver the desired levels of weathertightness appropriate to the prescribed wind zones
  • Meet the air leakage requirements of The Building Act
  • Include glazing of appropriate weight, strength and safety to satisfy not only the expected wind load but also accidental human impact
  • Provide adequate thermal resistance to exceed energy efficiency requirements of clause H1 of The Building Act.

High use items like door rollers, hinges, seals and mohair strips carry a 5-year warranty against material and workmanship failure.  The warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect use, or failure to care and maintain the product.  The warranty also excludes normal wear and tear, and any modifications or alterations made to the product.

Our windows and doors meet the durability requirements of clause B2 of The Building Act.  This means the expected serviceable life of the product is not less than 15-years.  This pertains specifically to the structural elements of the joinery.

If you have chosen to use the AluClip system on the exterior of your Klima® joinery, then a separate warranty applies for the aluminium window and door frames.  A separate surface finish warranty also applies dependent on the finish selected.

A separate warranty applies for the insulated glass units (IGU’s) used in Klima®.

A separate warranty also applies to the Urbo hardware used in Klima®.

We fully back our Klima® products with a 10-year warranty.  

*Compliance for windows and doors (NZS 4211 & NZS 4223, parts 1, 2 & 3).